Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CT'S Detroit, Michigan (Gay bar)

CT'S (Now closed) was located on Greenfield just down from Backstreet. I'm not sure for what years it was open. CT stood for "The Cock Trap" It was a stripper bar.


  1. This was a fun little place that didn't last long. One of Detroit's hottest dancer ("JP" I think) worked there. Later, he sold luggage at Hudson's. Whatever happened to him?

  2. I dated him for a while, he moved to Florida - got strung out on smoking ice, and died in 2003

    1. Where in Florida? I have wondered about him for several years.

  3. i went there one time in the late eighties or early ninties. now i have seen some decadent things in my day (and participated in it as well haha) but i was never so disgusted in my life by what we saw there. we came thru the door and there was a dancer that looked very fucked up, but having a good time, all the old vultures were standing near him, and upon closer inspection the dancer was a very wasted young man with downs syndrome. it was then that i realized how truly evil some people are. needless to say i never went back

  4. Was this JP Jonathan Lopez who sometimes did a routine with a snake? I have wondered what became of him. Where in Florida did he move to?

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