Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Continentale (Gay Bar)

Continentale was located on Monroe in Detroit. Ca. 1980's & 1990's Share you stories about this place in the comments section. *See Credits.


  1. The Continentale was a small bar that was mostly African-American. When I would go there I never felt uncomfortable and people were always friendly with me. I distinctly remember there was a doorman with a big white afro that was the nicest man. They had a small dance floor and generally played some great house music.

  2. Da joint was live. But def rmembr entwo lil white lawers from royal oak or birmingham some where comin round. A lil arrogent but freak out wit yall in a minute. 1 kid went in for da scat shit n wanted me gto doos on him. Called it trottin. Nevr forget dat nite. Crazy man. Saw in cruise club too. M man there sed same shit. Dud wanted dookie on him. Don't see those yup kids roundin s bit but sometimes I yhink I do. Later found trotts mean diaria, but some cat I know says it all scat.Ln I aint inta dat shit so caregl if you get wit somon into trott.

  3. Mis dat joint. Anyone got somewhere goodtogo now? Same sort feel