Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bookie's Club 870 (Gay Bar)

Bookie's 870 was located on McNichols in Detroit, not far down from Menjos. Ca. 1970-1983 and ca. 1987-1990. It was a punk bar and frequented by many gays. aka as at different times: Deco Disco, Kaleidescope Bar, Lillan's Down-Under Bar, Pink Flamingo and Trixx. It was originally Gagan's (see Gagen's ) Share you stories about this place in the comments section. *See Credits.

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  1. Bookie's was the old Frank Gagen's under the management of well-known Detroit gay bar personality Bookie Stewart. During its whole run as Bookie's the only sign out front was the huge letters on the marquee that still said "Frank Gagen's". It was a '40's/'50's 'swank' dark place with shiny black decor, a polished wood bar, and big round red banquettes. It morphed through being a drag bar (with spectacular drag shows), a disco, and Detroit's first punk rock venue, and was often different things on alternating nights until the punk/new wave finally won out and took over every night.