Monday, September 12, 2011

The Wild Goose (Gay Bar)

I can't remember where the Wild Goose was located? I did go there a few times. Post what you know about it...


  1. the wild goose was around the corner from the gold coast it is now called chocolate city a strip club

  2. Yes, it was a fun, upscale club that featured shows with Jennifer Foxx, April Summers, it alwys reminded be of Backstage, I loved it

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  4. The Wild Goose ... The official was "The Wild Goose Cabaret Club". Located on Conant in Detroit, around the corner from Gold Coast, between 7 Mile & 8 Mile.
    The managing partner was Eddie Wheatly. Eddie was one in a million and truly cared about his customers! Once I stumbled on this place, it became my all time favorite spot and the only gay club I'd visit. They served full course dinners from 4-8 or 5-8 and their shows started at 9pm. They have been closed like 10 years and I would like to know what happened to Eddie.
    His main bartender was Brandon. He lived in Ferndale off 9 Mile. Him and I lost contact over the years as did Eddie and I.
    If anyone has any info on Eddie, let me know as I would really like to see them again.

  5. Eddie eventually went to work as a waiter at Como's in Ferndale after the Goose closed. We'd see him out and around but eventually he disappeared. I'm not sure what happened to him after that. I had such a crush on the mustachioed DJ he had playing there

  6. they had some EXCELLENT male dancers. It was a fun place and I went there almost every weekend.