Monday, September 12, 2011

Salute (Gay bar and restaurant)

Salute was located on Woodward Ave between Backstage and Tiffany's. It is now called La Dolce Vita. I remember in the 80's it was where the stuck up Groose Pointe crowd hung out. My friend Neil used to own it among others. It really used to be mostly gay, now La Dolce Vita gets more of a straight crowd. Post your stories....


  1. Had a blast there- I remember Uncle David and his much younger boyfriend, Phil, were regular hangouts there- Uncle David would hold court nightly- also the manager I remember fondly, Michael Charest, one of the nicest people I knew then. My boyfriend at the time, circa 1989-90, David Fusco, a South Carolina transplant, sadly died in 2001 I found out recently. It had an upscale flair, but "stuck up" is not how I would describe it. Another memory was the night Divine died, we all toasted her in the courtyard with round after round of drinks- it was a long and memorable night- and I lived right across the street in Palmer Park at the time, so a short walk home- one I wouldn't make today, certainly.

    1. Uncle David holding court - is he the one that would give us our new level of gaydom? FOr example on my 30th birthday I was crowned 'apprentice troll'. He said that he was chairman of the board of trolls - I think they also called him uncle Ben too didn't they. It may have been stuck up a bit, but it was nice to have a place to dressup to go to for special occasions. I miss the old boys there. When I was first coming out - I used to time myself to see how long I could stay in there. Shy guy. So many people have fallen off the radar I don't even know where to look anymore.

  2. Remember Uncle David well. He bedded me once. I quit drinking after that.

  3. oh salute's... create your own pasta, table-side REAL caesar salads... Lots of fond memories of that place. We'd go there or to backstage before hitting Tiffany's or Menjo's or Gas Station...

  4. My ex Steve Resume used to be chef at salute 86 timeframe. We only dated a few short months because well he was a slut. Still is probably. Surprised he is still alive.