Monday, September 12, 2011

The Railroad Crossing (Gay bar)

As I remember in the 80's the Railroad was a lesbian bar. I never went there in the 80's and was told that you couldn't get in unless you were with a girl. It is now called the Rainbow room. Post your stories...


  1. I hung out at the Railroad Crossing a lot in the 80s. They let gay and straight boys in, but mostly women hung out there.

  2. I lived in the area and remember when that building was Jo Ann's, an upscale restaurant frequented by executives from the various manufacturing plants in the area. When it changed to the Railroad Crossing, my friend and I (both female, but hetero) stopped by one Sunday afternoon to relax over beer and lunch. I remember the front door was locked and there was literally a sliding eye-level window through which someone looked at us when we rang the buzzer. We were allowed inside and the place looked "normal" enough (considering the cloak-and-dagger entrance procedure). The food was delicious, the drinks cheap, and although we did happen to notice that everyone in the place was female, we both just shrugged it off to a bunch of women being in our situation - wanting to go out and relax away from our husbands who were home watching the ballgame. I didn't learn the truth until a few days later when I mentioned to my brother (who apparently is much more worldly than me) that the Railroad Crossing had good drink specials and he said "Why did you go there? That's a lesbian bar."

  3. Yes, went to the RR Crossing often in early to mid 80s! I think the owners were Susie and Donna? Met my gal Jan there, good times!