Monday, September 12, 2011

Q (Gay Bar)

Q was located on Nine Mile in Ferndale. I used to be a bank many years ago. It is owned by Tom who owns Soho. He later changed the name to "9" It was quite popular for a few years. They had a problem in the winter time with checking coats and taking cover, etc at the door which created a long line to get in. People thought they were doing this on purpose (To make it look like it was a popular club) and got pissed off because of the long wait outside in the freezing cold. The gay crowd is very fickle in Detroit, piss them off and they won't come back. This rumor spread that they were doing this on purpose and the club slowly died. Also, the music totally sucked. Tom is very cheap when it comes to paying DJs. You can't have a dance club with crap for music. I remember I was there for a Halloween party and the DJ (who will remain nameless), didn't have Thriller! That's like having Christmas without Santa Claus. Post your stories and comments... Also check out my other blog:

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