Monday, September 12, 2011

Numbers (Gay bar)

Numbers was an after-hours joint on Woodward Ave just down from Salute. It used to be called Midnight Sun. It was owned by Tom (Big dick Tom) for many years. It was very seedy but fun for quite a few years. Tom was known for having a lot of fires.... Finally, one of the local news stations ran a undercover story of how they were selling liquor after-hours and that shut it down for good. Tom was really drugged out in the end and was even at a hospital in Detroit and stole an ambulance and took off. He died a few years ago. 


  1. i must say the info on this is wrong TOM WOODS is alive & well living in FLA was tom theguy that managed the place that was cranked out of his mind & stole an ambulance !!!!TOM WOODS mother sharon passed away a few years ago everything was in her name !!!!

    1. Is Tom really alive in FL? I believe his mother was Charlotte not Sharon? I would love to know how he is doing as many detroiters have stated he has passed.

  2. I knew the above comment was incorrect as owner Thom Woods was not well endowed! I am curious as to how he is doing if he is in FLA?

  3. I went to Numbers a few times back in 2002-2003. Seedy and a lot of drugs-my type of place for back then. I remember meeting some guy and hooking up with him in the bathroom. One night my friends left me there, but being resourceful I got a "ride" home. Two birds with one stone as far as I was concerned. God, I was such a whore.

  4. I used to go to Numbers after Menjos from 1996-2003. I loved it- Super-seedy and terrible parking. I always ordered "The Special." I sucked a lot of dick in that downstairs bathroom. I'm convinced they occasionally drugged my "Specials" as I became sexually out of control after consuming them. Despite those illegalities, I look very fondly on those memories there. In today's world of racial segregation thanks to the Occupier-in-chief Obama, I made some very real connections with both women and men of every race.. It was wonderful.

  5. Yes!!! I am from Ohio and we all used to go to menjos and then go to Numbers. It was so fun there. I never got into the drug scene but I did order those "specials". I remember it was a pre mixed container of OJ and something? Didn't know didn't ask. On time I was dancing on the crowded dance floor and someone asked me if I have any coke! I said No sorry. He then asked me if I was a cop, lol, I said No!! I am a white guy. The bar was mostly boys of color, which I like. It was all good. Those boys used to tear it up there!! I remember the crowded back wall way the led to the bathroom and the back room that had video games and served food also. Very good memories there!!