Sunday, September 11, 2011

Morey's (Gay Bar)

Someone said it was on Michigan Ave and was open from approx 1970-1972. Any info, please post in comments section.


  1. If memory serves, Morey's was owned and operated by a straight couple (husband and wife) who also worked at an area K-Mart as their day job.
    They regularly staged drag shows at which I served as the electronics technician for their sound system and sometimes photographer of the drag queens.
    Their sound system was pretty pathetic, consisting of a Bogen mono PA amplifier (which I rebuilt for them), a cheesy BSR record changer and a couple of cheap speaker boxes. They had two speakers under the mistaken impression that the Bogen was a stereo amplifier and I had a difficult time convincing them that it wasn't.
    The drag queens bitched about my photographs of them, so I stopped taking pictures. I kept any comments regarding turd polishing to myself.
    This was my one and only foray into the gay bar scene I left Michigan for other pastures in 1972, apparently just before the bar closed. Did my departure have anything to do with the closing of Morey's? I doubt it!

  2. here was the joint located?

  3. Morey's bar was the place to be on monday night's with great drag shows some of the performers were Blvd Blanche...Ms Trisha Trash...Mona ...Billie and guests like Gina Underthebridgida....Sally from the Alley....Christy Lane....special guest Chili Pepper and Tiffiny Middlesex and DJ Russ Knight spun the records on a very large dance/ stage floor.

    The bar was originally the first twist bar here in Detroit to open in dec of 62' with Chubby Checker performing Theresa and her husband ran the bar during the early 70's from 71' thru 76' unfortunately the bar burned down hmmmm!

  4. I remember Morey's too, Teressa and Jim. My boyfriend was a floor fairy there and Della Street, Dale, was a bartender. I was very young, ahemm, and would come in before the crowd to help set up, especially Sunday buffets, Blanche was a good friend of mine, Mark Stouffer too, along with Jimmy Meadows,( Mother Meadows)Russ Knight, Marlena Uspenskia( is that right),John, Trisha, and her brother, Della West and there are so many others. Fond memories of that place, along with the rest of the circuit back then in the late 60's.

  5. It's so funny, so many wonderful memories of those early days i frequented Morey's as a regular, and new just about everyone, all the show regulars, but unfortunately it was during my Chevas Regal on the rocks day's thanks Rita, but fortunately I still have some brain cells intact.... even more ironic is that I would become a Dj in my later years at the last remaining bar of old gay Detroit night life downtown as Bobby "D".

    Hosting karaoke my influences were Russ Knight, and Stanley from the Iron Hinge were the ones I modeled myself after