Monday, September 12, 2011

Doug's Body Shop (Gay Bar)

Doug's was a straight bar and restaurant for years then it changed to gay. It later became Cobalt. It had old cars that were made into booths that you would sit in. It was popular for a few years. Post your stories and comments..


  1. omg,, i went here to eat back then , it was a srt8 place then i'm thinking it was maybe 1975 ,oh now i show my age,,,

  2. Cool place back in '76-'77. Big Cadillac for a salad bar. Novelty of front car seat turned around to form a cozy booth inside car body. Very unique. Sorry it's gone.

  3. This was a gay hot spot in the late 80s / early 90s. The theme was classic cars and many of the booths were partial car exteriors. Very cool! Aretha Franklin's "Pink Cadillac" music video was filmed here in part. It was a mid-sized bar/club but a perfect size for dancing and socializing. I recall learning "The Macarena" here when the song was first launched. The owner was a straight guy named Larry. Some of the staff names were Gustav, April and Mel (who would later have his handsome face featured on "Just for Men" hair products packaging. There always seemed to be something interesting to do their on off nights: movies, contests, specials etc. I dare to say that this was the first gay bar outside of Detroit's city limits, although there were gay-friendly businesses of other types in the burbs.

    1. I was one of that guys that started the Macarena at that bar. Lol . One night a Arad guys named Tom, a Asian guy named Paul, a Indian guy named Manny, a Italian guy named Jimmy and me a African American guy named Darwin . Started doing that dance at that bar and everyone followed and did it for weeks and weeks ��

  4. I loved this bar and was friends with all the staff .