Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Submarine Bar - Detroit, Michigan (Gay Bar)

I do not know where this bar was located. I saw in mentioned in this article about a man named Rodger Keller. It says is was owned by the Karagas brothers who also ran the Woodward. If you know where this bar was located and have any stories about it, please post!


  1. AsI recall, the Submarine was underground (literally) in a parking lot near the old GM headquarters. It was in operation throughout the 60's & 70's. Couples dancing and fellowship were its draw. To my knowledge Detroit gay clubs weren't subjected to police harassment like they were in New York.

  2. The Sub was owned by Andy and was located in the basement of the apartment bldg he owned on west Milwaukee and second Ave.

    The reason it closed was because Andy had only one liquor license and tried to use his existing liquor license for both and the Sub was shut down and padlocked by police.

    The apartment bldg is still there and has new owners ....
    Also note Andy and his brothers we're the best Guy's and did alot for the gay community he also nicknamed the Parking lot at Milwaukee and Woodward the tot- lot as there were many underage kids that hung out there every weekend ...