Tuesday, September 1, 2009

S & C Restaurant - Detroit (Gay friendly restaurant)

The S & C restaurant was located at 6521 2nd in Detroit. Bob Damron's 1968 guide book says "After hours" If you have any stories or photos please post them!


  1. S&C post to follow.

  2. Before we were 21, a group of us would hang out in the parking lot of Virginia Farrell's Beauty School located on Milwaukee just off Woodward Avenue. This lot was notoriously known as the Tot Lot. This was the period approximately between 1964-1968. Cars would cruise there all night looking for new talent. Andy and Steve from the Woodward Bar would cruise there regularlly. We would go to S&C's (Sutton & Clements) on Second Avenue in the shadow of the GM Building. Some of the wait staff names were Leona and Ruth. The place was packed after bar rush and we would sit there all night kicking it around. The police were pretty nasty and they had an ordinance called "Male in Female Attire" and would give tickets to the drag queens when they stopped them. I also emailed this site regarding the Barbary Coast. TC

  3. I should know you then because I was a regular at the TOT-LOT by the way it was Andy who coined that phrase Tot-LOT and your'e right some of the kids would come up in what we called low or high drag low drag was simply some eye liner and plucked eyebrows high drag was complete dress up, and it was bumper to bumper around that block on the weekends and we kids would walk up to S&C's for a cola and cruise and the cops would come in and they all sat at the back and would watch us and made comments but little did the waitress know, I had been with two of them many times and they were married what a joke, but they never bothered me when I would be at the TOT-LOT.

    But the best times were when the Stage revue's from the Fisher would come in after being hosted at the Woodward people like Johnny Mathis and Martha Raye, Eartha Kitt and Danny Holly would hold court and the place was packed, people even came from out state as far away as New Hampshire just to hang out there, Now that resturant is gone and a fitness club now sits in in place but oh the memories.