Friday, September 4, 2009

The Blue Crest - Detroit, Michigan (Gay Bar)

I heard someone mention this bar. I have no idea where it was located? Help! Please post anything you know about this bar!


  1. The Blue Crest Tap Room is still extant on Cass Ave between Kirby and W Ferry St. It is also known under the current namem Circa 1890 Saloon. Back during my days at Wayne State c1970-73 it was straignt till about 10pm and ran as a gay bar till closing, about 1am...depending on the crowd. At that time Larry Barber was the bartender and the bar was owned by a woman named Nora. I believe they all worked at the Song Shop, which had recently closed in that era farther south on Cass near Forest. Do a google search for "Tribes of Cass Corridor" and you might find some other info on the Circa, the Song Shop.

    The Circa was frequented by the Psych Dept, across the steet and the Music School, just soutn, and also across the street.

  2. The Blue Crest was my first gay bar when I attended Wayne State in 1970. I would drink there with my straight friends in the daytime and do the gay scene at night. Larry, the bartender was a sweetheart - he later worked at the Club 49 and then the Irish bar in Greektown. I thought the Blue Crest was a typical gay bar until I found the Woodward - the cruisiest, busiest bar Detroit ever had.

  3. The Blue Crest was known as a gay bar for "older guys" in the early 60s.